Stop P-O-R-N

Compatible with All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems


  1. E-mail
    Stop P-O-R-N will e-mail every time an inappropriate word has been searched or visited website. This is a configurable option.
  2. Visual Alert
    A visual warning to the user of the PC can be configured to display a warning of your choice.
  3. Stealth Mode
    Option to install Stop P-O-R-N without desktop or menu shortcuts. Password security and uninstall prevention has been built-in.
  4. Restrict Applications
    Any application can be banned to work by typing the name of it into the Ban List. Are there any programs that you would not want your children to use?
  5. Restrict Chat Sites
    There is a list of chat sites that can be checked in order to restrict them from working. You may also enter any other by entering them into the ban list.
  6. Restrict Searches
    Stop P-O-R-N will not allow inappropriate words to be searched in any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc