Stop P-O-R-N

"VPNs aren’t only used to watch the US shows on Netlfix, they’re also used by teenagers to skip around home net restrictions. Free VPN services such as Hotspot Shield created an encrypted tunnel between the kids’ PC and the company’s servers, making it impossible for the broadband providers to see what they’re surfing. The Hotspot Shield installation screen even boasts that it will let you “join your friends on Facebook, tweet your updates or simply take in a quick film on YouTube”. The free version worked flawlessly in our tests, even streaming HD video (most of these free VPN services have a reputation for being a little sluggish).
The VPN is quite discreet, and you’d do well to spot whether it’s installed on a PC with a casual look over their shoulder. For Hotspot Shield, look for a little green shield icon in the System Tray in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows screen. Other VPN software"

Stop P-O-R-N's protection is not affected by the use of VPN'products.  No matter what kind of VPN service is used, Stop P-O-R-N's protection is safe and secure! 

This article came from Experts Reviews.